Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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The CCC-576, Notice of Loss, is used to report failed acreage and prevented planting and may be completed by any producer with an interest in the crop.

Soybeans planted too early when soil conditions were not adequate resulted in bean leaf beetle defoliation and frost damage.

Some things to remember amid good planting weather.

The type of post-emergent herbicides commonly used to terminate cover crops are much more effective when weeds and cover crops are actively growing.

It may be too cold now, but this is a good time to get ready for planting.

From the arrival of eaglets in Washington, D.C. to programmable produce, here are seven news stories from around the web this week.

The Precision Planting Co. brought its mobile theater unit to northeast Ohio farmers.

As it applies to no-till and soil conservation, frost seeding can be an effective, economical and environmentally sound method of improving forage in pastures and hay fields.

USDA: Planted acreage is same as last year (but a lot has changed since that early June survey).

Spring is off to a good start, but issues could still arise.