Monday, February 26, 2024
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Many farmers are seeing a late corn harvest this year. Experts and farmers debate the causes of Ohio's late harvest including wildfire haze, cooler temperatures and drought.

Judith Sutherland reminds readers not to lose sight of the good things happening in the present moment.

Eliza Blue offers a short poem in hopes that it inspires you to breathe in the last of summer's magic before we get swept up into all that comes next.

Judith Sutherland urges readers to enjoy every minute of summer.

Producers need to plan ahead to maintain pastures through the summer slump when forage nutrition requirements are high.

Picking out flowers at the greenhouse always jolts Julie Geiss into summer, even if it won't officially be here for a few more weeks.

It is the harshness of winter that makes Julie Geiss appreciate the long days of summer. Now that we're past winter solstice, longer days are coming.

Kym Seabolt reminds readers that everyone could use a do-nothing day from time to time to remember that really enjoying summer is all about balance.  

Kymberly Seabolt reminisces on how she spent and enjoyed her summer vacation. It doesn't always take grand plans to be content.

There’s an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables to eat. Why not try them on the grill? Learn how to prepare and grill produce.