Country Christmas crafts

corn husk angel

Between eating and reheating, entertain your holiday crew with a country Christmas crafting session. Corn husk angels, seed ball ornaments and bough holiday baskets are easy to make and fun to take home as party favors.

Corn husk angel

Corn husk angel

Dried sweet or feed corn husks make large angels and small popcorn husks make good minis. You can also find packaged corn husks, typically used to make tamales, in the international food aisle.

Supplies: Corn husks, natural color embroidery thread, hot glue

  1. Select four husks. Hold tips together. Fold over to form bulb. Secure bulb with thread to create head.
  2. Cut two thin strips from a husk. Trim to arm length. Twist tightly to create arms. Secure center with 4 inch string, leaving ends long.
  3. Cut a husk into two thick strips. Trim ends flat. Tie onto arms with existing string.
  4. Lift top two skirt husks. Insert arms/wings and center. Tie a string around waist to hold arms/wings into place and create bodice.
  5. Cut a thin strip of husk. Twist tightly into a tiny circle. Secure halo to the angel’s head with a dot of hot glue.

Seed ball ornamentsSeed ball ornaments

Add country Christmas charm to the tree with easy-to-make seed ball ornaments.

Supplies: Glass ornament balls, ribbon, beans, corn, grains or seeds, hot glue

  1. Fill bulbs.
  2. Secure topper to glass with hot glue.
  3. Tie a 6 inch ribbon through hanger.

Bough holiday basket

Bough holiday basket

Buy fresh boughs at Christmas tree stands or the local garden center.

Supplies: Balsam, cedar or pine boughs. Hanging planter basket with coconut liner, floral wire, floral foam, burlap ribbon, pinecones, sticks, sparkle spray paint.


  1. Spray paint sticks and pinecones with glitter paint.
  2. Cut foam to fit snug in planter. Push into planter to secure.
  3. Poke boughs into foam. Distribute sparkle sticks evenly throughout planter.
  4. Wrap wire around each pinecone. Fasten wire to bough to hold pinecones in place.
  5. Create a cascade of burlap ribbon over the holiday basket. Secure at center with wire.


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