Pennsylvania utility vehicle laws


Laws and regulations for multipurpose farm utility vehicles differ from one municipality to another in Pennsylvania. Double check your knowledge of the laws and always be sure to put safety first.

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1What types of vehicles are under the law?
In Pennsylvania, multipurpose agricultural vehicles, or MAV, are defined as a motor vehicle that is 62 inches or less in width and 2,000 pounds or less in dry weight and which is used exclusively for agricultural operations and only incidentally operated or moved upon the highways.

2Do I need a license and registration?
MAVs in Pennsylvania exclusively used as a farm or business vehicle do not need a title or registration. But, if they are traveling more than five miles they may need a plaque, plate, SMV sign or permit regulated by each municipality.

3When can I drive on the street?
It is illegal to operate on any street or highway that is not designated and posted as an ATV road by the governmental agency having jurisdiction. ATVs and MAVs are permitted to cross bridges when necessary and may use highways when declared by a police agency having jurisdiction. Such vehicles can cross streets or highways at an angle of approximately 90 degrees.

4Can my child drive?
Youth must be 16 to operate; a driver’s license is not required.

Youth 8-16 must have taken a safety training course with the department of forestry and must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

5Do I need a helmet?
Those using the vehicle for agricultural purposes are not required to have a helmet; those using it for recreation are.

Sources: Sally Bushong, Clerk II, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Chapter 77 of the PA Vehicle Code.

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  1. Interesting article re ATVs in Pennsylvania. What I did not see were the insurance requirements for PA ATVs depending on use.


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