Sunday, May 1, 2016
grain bins

On a good note, prices are trending upward.
trench composting

Farmers with an abundance of manure, animal bedding and plant material to dispose of can use trench composting to create a high-volume of rich organic matter for fields and gardens.
sweet corn

The right loan can make a big difference for your operation.

Ohio State University Extension dairy specialist Normand St-Pierre reflects on his career and current issues in the dairy industry.

There are circumstances that come to shape us, both the paths we choose, and those chosen for us.
fisherman holding crappie

The first of several public contests is set for April 9, at West Branch Reservoir.
farm scene

On a sparkling blue Friday afternoon in October 1965, I stepped off a noisy school bus with my best friend, Marvin, to walk the long lane to his family's farm. Until the day I die, he and I forever will be 10 years old walking down a farm lane toward the greatest weekend in our young lives.
emergency sign

As parents, we all fall sometimes, and are guilty of some embarrassing things.
Lake Erie secchi disk

Watershed workshop is a promising opportunity for educators.
Bluebird nesting box

Birds may begin nesting early this year, unless there is a late winter cold snap or snowstorm.
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