Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When boating on Lake Erie, use caution and common sense.
rural farm scene

It seems the idea of going back to our country roots is now in vogue.
monarch butterfly

Though the lives of milkweeds and monarchs are ecologically intertwined, the relationship is far from exclusive.
UK flag

Caught in the middle of Britain's possible exit from the European Union are UK farmers.
grain bins

Anticipation is everything in this game, so prices made another move on the Chicago Board of Trade.
Gene Logsdon books

The legacy of the Contrary Farmer, the late Gene Logsdon, will run deep and wide.
green tomatoes on vine

5 tips for ripening green tomatoes, plus how to prune tomato plants.
contour strips on Holmes County farm

What soil conservation efforts have you made on your farm recently in order to be a proactive teacher for the next generation of farmers?
1929 Ford 4-AT plane

How would you feel about climbing into a vehicle that was built in 1929 and not only traveling at more than 90 miles per hour, but close to 2,500 feet in the air to boot?
cereal rye spray

Glyphosate does what it's supposed to, in a safe and efficient manner.
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