Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dads who enjoy gardening as much as they enjoy BBQ will appreciate the gift of a grilling garden this Father’s Day.
Mt. Hope Auction

The way that cattle and livestock are sold continues to change, but weekly auctions still play an important role.

Deanna and Andy Troutman were just a couple of 20somethings when they decided to become owners of two wineries. From a polar vortex destroying most of their grape crop to a recent distillery explosion, they've had their share of obstacles along the way.
Apple Castle Johnstons

Visit western Pa's Apple Castle year-round for their home-grown apples, peaches and other produce (but don't leave without one of the Johnston family's doughnuts!)
Select Sires facility

Two of the nation's largest genetic companies announce plans to join entities.
Bill Bakan with his barley and beer

Malted barley provides specialty crop growers a niche market opportunity.

Over 70 breeds of cattle can be found in the United States today. However, only about 12 to 15 breeds have a major influence on the cattle industry.

Completing records results in finding problems within the herd faster and correcting those problems sooner — minimizing production loss.
Baling hay

Hay baling season can come with its own set of hazards. Ohio State's Kent McGuire shares some guidelines to prevent injuries this summer.
rentz angus award

Ohio Angus breeder James Rentz, of Coldwater, has received the Historic Angus Herd award from the American Angus Association.
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