Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Be aware of thin ice. The potential hazards of walking on frozen lakes, ponds and rivers can be extremely dangerous.

Learn how to determine whether ice is safe enough to go ice fishing based on appearance, thickness and other factors that can affect freezing and thawing.

Marcus McCartney hopes his firsthand description of symptoms caused by Lyme disease may help readers who have been suffering from an unknown illness.

Vic Sutek of Columbiana County is just as passionate about duck hunting at 63 as he was at 18. Only one thing has changed — no more plastic decoys.

Ohio hunters harvested 9,392 deer during the extra weekend of gun hunting Dec. 18 and Dec. 19.

Tracking helps Julie Geiss learn about the journeys of woodland creatures that make their home in the woods behind her house.

Ohio hunters harvested 70,413 deer during the 2021 deer gun week that concluded Dec. 5. Read the complete list of county-by-county results.

Trapping of furbearers is important for conservation and a host of other reasons. However, the average age of trappers in North America is 50 years old.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources third annual Hunting and Fishing License Giveaway is officially open. 

Throughout winter there are obvious and inconspicuous dangers related to weather that hikers should be aware of before venturing into the woods.