Sunday, April 22, 2018
RNR Swiss Brown Swiss heifers

Knowing your cost of production and need for replacements can help determine how many heifers you need on the operation.

The farm may rest, but it scoffs at the notion that sleep is possible despite our efforts to lure it into tranquility.

Farm management advice from the 1968-69 Farm Quarterly is still applicable today.

Ohio State University Extension is launching the Dairy Farm Manager Academy to provide training to manage cattle, personnel and dairy farm finances.

The International Farm Management Congress study tour of agriculture in Scotland ended at the Thainstone Agriculture Center.

Corn silage is an important component of dairy rations. It pays to direct management efforts to make high-quality corn silage.

Modern farms that are aware of changing consumer preferences have been able to find success by adapting.

More than 350 delegates and guests from 22 countries gathered for the 21st International Farm Management Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Late-summer is an excellent time to establish alfalfa. Plant alfalfa from August 1st to August 15th in northern Ohio and until August 30th in southern Ohio.
American flag

As we relax and are thankful for our freedoms, David Marrison challenges each of us to examine how we can make America a better place.
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