Saturday, June 25, 2022
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In this week's Dairy Excel column, David Marrison answers all your farm tax questions.

It's just a bull. He'll only be here until ________ (insert your local livestock sale day). No rush feeding him, we won't be raising him, he'll be someone else's problem.

Milk prices are still phenomenal and feed prices are far below what you were paying last year. So what am I fretting about?

Low milk prices are having a real impact on dairy farmers and most are looking for ways to reduce expenses, while maintaining milk production.
alfalfa field

Learn how to adjust your harvesting schedule to increase alfalfa yields without sacrificing quality.

Ernie Oelker, agricultural extension agent in Columbiana County, discusses the factors and formulas involved in figuring a fair price for ear corn.

Pasture growth has been tremendous so far this year, but late summer heat and dry spells can change conditions quickly.

A good start on having a profitable dairy farm is a high milk price; however, the fundamental need is astute management of the cows,...
produce field workers

Farm culture has a great influence on work productivity, employee retention, work enjoyment, job satisfaction and farm profitability.

Making management decisions to minimize taxes is wise; evading tax is not. Landowners who have signed gas and oil leases, or are getting royalties, need to give some thought to tax management on the payments received.