Monday, May 16, 2022

Judith Sutherland remembers her lifelong friend Patty "Tootie" Garn after her passing.

Judith Sutherland recalls winter memories of her youth.
work gloves

Judith Sutherland contemplates how some people find a way to quietly build a thriving life with so little.
Pennsylvania farmland

Judith Sutherland shares what the song "Buy Dirt," written by brothers Jacob and Jordan Davis, means to her.
Christmas ball

Judith Sutherland recalls the joy and excitement of the Christmas celebrations of her youth, surrounded by humble gifts and family.
wooden bridge

Judith Sutherland recalls her first trip out of Ohio to a farm in Pennsylvania to buy a young boar pig.
hands in a corn field

Children serve as a reminder of years — and time in general — rolling by faster than we otherwise would realize. 
christmas garland

Judith Sutherland reunites with her long-lost church camp friend, Kindra.

Judith Sutherland recalls time spent with one of her favorite dogs growing up, a sable and white collie-shepherd pup they named Chet.

Her grandson's excitement over his first book fair took Judith Sutherland back to the enthusiastic joy she felt attending book fairs during her youth.