Monday, May 16, 2022
Prisoner of war flag

Judith Sutherland helps her late father-in-law, Don Sutherland, compose a transcript of his World War II diary to give to his sons for Christmas.
combine harvester

During this time of year, Judith Sutherland misses hearing her dad's invitation to "come ride a few rounds" in the combine with him.
foxtail at sunset

The feeling of loss comes in many different forms. Judith Sutherland shares her range of emotions, following the loss of two people she held near and dear.
fall road

During Judith Sutherland's youth, nothing — absolutely no business of any kind — was open on Sunday.
grain bin

Judith Sutherland reminds mindful even in the long days during harvest season following the theft of her nephew's pickup truck.
milking a cow

No matter how many years have passed, Judith Sutherland still sees time on the clock as it pertains to milking time.
red autumn leaves

September is filled with a mellow, quiet promise of all sorts of possibilities, and the perfect weather in which to take it all in.
Little girl

Judith Sutherland explains why she believes farm-raised children are exposed to the need for innovative thinking at a higher rate than the average child.

Judith Sutherland has never known a life without dogs. In her column this week, she recalls growing up with her Pekingese, Chippi Chan.
kitchen table

Judith Sutherland accompanies her mother on a visit to a childhood friend's home.