Thursday, May 6, 2021
wild ponies

Julie Geiss shares memories from a recent family road trip to Assateague State Park and National Seashore and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Julie Geiss recalls the first night her family spotted lightning bugs at dusk on their property and the lessons they learned from watching them.
Raised-bed garden

Julie Geiss recalls the first year she and her husband planted a herb and vegetable garden, or rather gardens.
Lanterman's Mill

Julie Geiss recounts the views of a recent trip to Mill Creek Park. Learn more about the history of the man-made structures and the beauty around them.

Julie Geiss explains where the tradition of relaxing on her front porch originated, recalling the time she spent with her grandparents on their front porch.
blue heron

Julie Geiss shares some recent experiences with nature that have mesmerized her and her children.
Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park

Julie Geiss details a recent hike she and her family took at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park.
rain boots

New columnist Julie Geiss shares some of the adventures her and her children have had on their family farm.