Saturday, September 23, 2023
Letting Off Some Steam

Letting Off Some Steam

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The European Traction Engine Register 4th edition details many steam engines from around the world.

This material is the result of some of that inspiration that we all get on occasion. As usual, I’m not sure just what happened...

We spent the past several articles reviewing many of the engine makes from various places in the U.S. and Canada. At shows you will...
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The size of model engines is the primary factor making them popular.

I have written a couple other recent articles on the steam engine companies of England and since I am a dedicated Anglopile, that is not too unusual.
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Check out Tom Downing's comparison between British rallies and American steam shows.

I have done a couple articles recently on where traction engines were built. Most of that information came from Jack Norbeck’s Encyclopedia of American...

I finally got the time needed to review the latter chapters of Michael Lane’s Story of the Steam Plough Works, which is a history of the Fowler Works of Leeds England.

Well I got a few good comments on the two articles I did featuring two British companies, namely Garretts and Wallis and Steevens and...
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Check out The Great Dorset Steam Fair highlights on their Heavy Haulage display, the displays at night, tractor pulling and more.