Saturday, August 24, 2019
Letting Off Some Steam

Letting Off Some Steam

Recently, I was looking at a picture of a sod house in Colorado where a local family stopped for overnight on their move West....

Today I want to tell you a bit more of the great British Steam Engine and Cultivating Machine Company based on Michael Lane’s book The Story of The Steam Plough Works that was published in 1980.

I finally got the time needed to review the latter chapters of Michael Lane’s Story of the Steam Plough Works, which is a history of the Fowler Works of Leeds England.

(Editor’s note: Additional information about the Keystone Driller Company was published in a column in the Dec. 12, 2013, issue.) Hello again steam enthusiasts. I...
photo of model T

I have mentioned a few times doing a bit of research for this series of articles. This time the whole process began with the...

The advancements of technology have made it possible to watch foreign and domestic steam shows on the computer.

I have written a couple other recent articles on the steam engine companies of England and since I am a dedicated Anglopile, that is not too unusual.
traction engine

The European Traction Engine Register 4th edition details many steam engines from around the world.

Old photos showing engines in action, especially steam threshing activity, come from all parts of the country and including Canada.

Hello again steam enthusiasts. Its been too long again since I have done an article, and I guess my excuse is that I have...
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