A new term for adulting


I am coining a new term: “Adultolescence.”

It’s like adolescent only we have (slightly) more disposable income and are legal to drink alcohol.

Our children are all adults. We are no longer quite the boss of them.

As regular readers know our “baby” is soon to be 18 years old (sob). I am both ready and not ready for this.

It seems exciting and exhilarating to see where adulthood will take her. It also seems like I should be able to say that was fun and now I want a do-over and she should be four years old again.

Empty nest

I do miss my littles. Not wanting to dwell in sadness, I’ve been thinking a lot on how to handle the empty nest.

Granted, our nest isn’t very empty since both children plan to commute to one of the two nearby state universities within close distance to our home.

Note to others: the Midwest is tailor made for raising a family with bucolic, rural lifestyle located close to shopping and amazing educational opportunities within a short driving distance. End PSA.

Having both children around is key to our adultolescence.

Honestly, both wonderkids are such a huge help around the house that when they finally move out, we will probably have to downsize just because we’ve lost the will to take care of things ourselves.

As it is we have already abdicated so much personal responsibility in favor of work, dining out, and binge watching Netflix.

Boywonder is a wiz at animal care and home maintenance. Girlwonder is equally at home with lawn care and light housekeeping.

This makes it much nicer when Mr. Wonderful and I slack off.

More trips

As part of our Adultolescence we have plans to camp more, boat more, and make plans with our friends. (Why hello new winery!)

In all but the latter, the children are welcome to join us. If they can’t due to academic or work commitments, they are welcome to feed the dogs while we’re gone.

There is a certain relaxation in leaving legal adults home alone.

We are redecorating the kitchen but holding off on the living room in hopes that in a few years our comfy but aging furniture will go with one of them to live in their first home.

When that happens Mr. Wonderful and I will sit side by side in matching recliners, binge watch television, eat steak — or skip dinner depending on our mood.

Sleep late on weekends — no games or practices to get to. We can lay around the house with our feet up on the couch.

I don’t put away laundry nearly as frequently these days.

Slacking off

In short, we will always be first and foremost parents of two wonderful people. We are, however, also looking forward to slacking off just a little from time to time.

If they need us, Mr. Wonderful and I can be found kicking back and getting reacquainted with each other.

All parties in the household are on their own for dinner.


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