Few fan-o-grams in columnist’s mail


It’s been more than a year since readers have had their say in this weekly space, so, in the spirit of this election season – warning: mudballs ahead – here’s their take on my take of agriculture.
Bubba blasts. The year’s largest, angriest reader response came over a late-July column titled “The Bubba vote slips away from W.”
It was a farcical send-up on how one Bush campaign official contrasted Ivy League John Kerry to even Ivier (Ivory?) League President Bush.
“George W. Bush is more like Bubba. Rural likes Bubba,” explained the campaign mouth. Maybe, but rural doesn’t like rural satire, especially if it Bubbafies Skull and Bones Bush.
“Your article demeaning the 40 ‘Red State’ voters as Bubbas totally confounds me,” wrote one red-hot Red Stater. “Who do you think keeps this country running? It’s the ‘Red State’ Bubbas in their multi-purpose, self-filled El Caminos, not the 10 ‘Blue State’ ghettos


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Alan Guebert was raised on an 800-acre, 100-cow southern Illinois dairy farm. After graduation from the University of Illinois in 1980, he served as a writer and editor at Professional Farmers of America, Successful Farming magazine and Farm Journal magazine. His syndicated agricultural column, The Farm and Food File, began in June, 1993, and now appears weekly in more than 70 publications throughout the U.S. and Canada. He and spouse Catherine, a social worker, have two adult children. farmandfoodfile.com