Hazard a guess at how this barn find was used!


Hello from Hazard!
Although we had received a response last week on Item No. 1048 that said it was a set of tongs used for lifting canning jars out of a hot water bath, Carl Forrer, of North Lawrence, Ohio, weighs in this week and says it’s a tool used to toast bread over an open fire in a cook stove. He remembers using it as a boy, and still has his family’s set.
We’re guessing the tools are very similar-looking.

We suspected our hazard-ous bowl, submitted by Jeanne Barto, of Economy Borough, Pennsylvania, would generate quick responses, and we weren’t disappointed.
Several readers were quick to identify Item No. 1049, which Barto tells us is a yarn bowl. If you’re doing crochet or knitting work, you can place your ball of yarn in this bowl to keep it from rolling around the room and getting all tangled (or batted around by those housecats!) The two extra holes allow more than one ball of yarn or thread to be used, or to hold the knitting needles when not in use.
Many thanks to the following readers who shared the correct response: Rose Marie Kendall, Hookstown, Pennsylvania; Alayne Zadar, Hinckley, Ohio; Mary Kennedy, St. Mary’s, West Virginia; Nate Daum; Lyndell Pool, Chesterhill, Ohio; Gloria Tritten Mathews, Lisbon, Ohio; Susan Dexter, New Castle, Pennsylvania; and Mary Hohmann.

Item No. 1050 comes from Erika Rosendale, who says she found it in a barn owned by her grandfather, Dale Cunningham. She doesn’t know what it is, but adds that it says “Master Kicker” on both crossbars, and “patent pending.”
All right, hazard-ous experts, what is it?
If you know how it was used, email responses to editorial@farmanddairy.com; or respond by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.
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