Holiday gifts for the sportsperson in your life


Let’s talk about last minute Christmas presents for the sportsperson in your life.

No long winded lead in. No disclaimers. No nothing but solid ideas for that special person, the same one that has absolutely everything already.


Start with a decent set of floor mats for the pick-up. Buy the fitted ones, mats that are designed just for his or her truck.

Speaking of trucks, how about seat covers, the type that stretch and fit like a second skin. Make sure you keep the receipt so those pretty blue covers can be exchanged for the camo pattern.

For another $130 you can buy a back-up camera that allows a driver to back a truck right onto a trailer hitch ball.

Boots and gloves

Now think feet. Then head to the shoe department for a pair of drop-in electric boot dryers.

These little babies dry out soaked hunting or hiking boots quickly and leave them warm as toast for the next morning.

Gloves too, are always appreciated. This elf highly recommends 40 gram insulated finger gloves.

This level of insulation is light and the fingers nimble enough for gun handling or off-season fishing.


Is a tree stand the seat of choice for the recipient of your shopping efforts? Then make very sure you hunter is safe.

Give them a well-made safety vest, easy to climb into on a dark pre-dawn morning and a must-wear for any climbing hunter.

You’ll spend between $75 and $150 depending on pockets and other comfort features. Make sure the vest is rated for the weight it might have to support.

For the avid shooter there is nothing better than a set of sound dampening, battery powered ear muffs.

They electronically block a sudden loud noise such as a gunshot but allow or even amplify normal sounds such as conversations.


A spinner bait kit is a sure pleaser for any fisher, especially for a walleye angler.

Kits contain varieties of spinner shapes and sizes, swivels, snaps and other gizmos.

Add a spool of 12 or 14 pound test monofilament line plus a selection of hooks and your recipient will spend many a winter evening hunched over the kit.

That followed by many a spring and summer day proudly catching fish on hand — his or her hand — tied spinner baits.

For a more serious present, how about one of the newer, super fast, air-powered pellet rifles. The way to being a great shot is to pull a trigger hundreds, even thousands of times.

A quality air gun can provide that kind of practice cheaply, quietly, and effectively. Gamo, Crosman, and other standard brands offer some very affordable, extremely accurate airguns.


Now children, listen up. Make mom, dad, or other important adult, a coupon book.

Staple coupons that you design into a book of clever and meaningful activities such as washing the car, sweeping the garage, raking the leaves, cleaning your own room, visiting grandma, and throw in some real zingers like agreeing to accompany him or her to a ball game, to the trap range, to a movie, to dinner, etc.

Be sure to add to each coupon that you agree to leave your phone at home.

Try it, it’s always a winner!

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