New Year, old me


As usual I’m late to the New Year’s resolution party. In my defense I was busy attending actual parties.

I just didn’t have time to try and reinvent myself what with getting up my 80s prom hair, picking out the appropriate three dollar bottle of wine, and so on.

First things first, I am not going to change. I think I’m delightful. Face it, you think you’re delightful too. If we are fortunate, most people do. Confident people tend to be happier people, and happier people tend to be more productive and easy to get along with.

Really it’s a win-win if we all have a little more self-confidence this year.


This is why I posed for countless photos on New Year’s Eve.

When my friend said “selfie!” I didn’t duck out of the frame, shy away, mention an urgent need to join Weight Watchers, or do anything that involves waving my hands in front of my face.

Instead I pulled in close with my near and dear ones and smiled for the camera.

The way I figure it, if history is any judge, I might not love these photos now but in the future I might look back and realize I looked pretty good.

Diet wise, I am going to try to cook more. Sometimes I’ll even care if it’s healthy, other times I’m just going to eat the darned brownies.

As has often been quoted, imagine all the people that turned down dessert during that last meal aboard the Titanic.

When in doubt eat dessert — and quality food — first.

Less cleaning

In home making, I resolve to focus more on living and less on cleaning. I have always prided myself on keeping a certain kind of home. Tidy. Neat. Preferably scented of bleach.

I only achieve this about half the time mind you. The other half I spend brow beating my family to try to get them on board with my level of perfection. These days we are cleaning up and clearing out.

This is being done not to try to impress anyone, but to try to make our daily lives run smoothly. This doesn’t mean I don’t hold on to the most meaningful things.

Recently, we restyled the third floor family space. This necessitated moving a massive desk and other large furniture items around the room. Most of them had been in place for over 15 years.

During this project, some old preschool era toys and mementos were found hiding in the debris and dust. I kept exclaiming over them.

This lead to BoyWonder asking, laughing, “Mom are you attached to THIS old craft bead and half a dust bunny or can we let these go?” Smartypants. He doesn’t know. I might NEED that craft bead!

I definitely needed the one honeypot wildcard card from the Winnie the Pooh Memory Game.


As comfortable as home is I also hereby resolve to get out more.

As my youngest heads toward the end of her high school career, Mr. Wonderful and I are making an effort to make friendship and socialization a priority.

We can no longer effortlessly connect at academic and athletic events for our children. That means I must overcome my ingrained urge to cocoon at home in my pajamas.

Sometimes I just have to put on pants and show up.

So there you go. I hereby resolve to take more photos, eat more, clean less, and go out with friends often. Call me crazy but these seem like the kind of resolutions that I just may be able to keep!

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