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Julie Geiss shares the tale of Council Rock in Mill Creek Park and remarks on the area's rich Native American history and availability of natural resources.

John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry in October 1859 stands out as a critical event in the spiral that led to the American Civil War. 

Theodore Roosevelt claimed the Panama Canal was his greatest achievement. Find out what led to its creation.

Threshing day was the greatest day of the year for farmers in the 1930s when life was slower, harder and more neighborly.

Hugh Earnhart recaps the tale of John Wesley Powell and nine other men, who set off to explore the Grand Canyon on May 24, 1869.

Hugh Earnhart digs into the mass migration of tens of thousands of Americans into the western part of the Unites States and what it took to make it happen.

Dairy Excel columnist Bonnie Ayars asks readers to think about their generational identity.

The origin of Japan's conflict with the U.S. stemmed from a belief that it had a spiritual right to become equal with the imperial powers of the world.

Hugh Earnhart details the long history of the Fourth of July — the birthday of the United States of America. 

Under the operation of early policies, millions of Americans today enjoy a security of life and liberty that many people around the world don't get.