Monday, February 26, 2024
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There are nearly 20,000 acres and 147 landowners currently enrolled in the program, and there are hundreds of hunters taking advantage of it.

Ohio's white-tailed deer gun hunting season opens Nov. 27 and runs through Dec. 3. The deer gun weekend is Dec. 16-17.

West Virginia’s third annual Big Buck Photo Contest invites hunters to submit a photo with a buck they harvest during a 2023 hunting season to win prizes.

Sixteen Ohio veterans were treated to a guided archery hunt last month at Zaleski State Forest by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Despite decades of decline, a genetic analysis of ruffed grouse reveals that populations harbors more genetic diversity and connectivity than expected.

The Ohio Wildlife Council approved wild turkey hunting dates for spring 2024 during its regularly scheduled meeting Oct. 4.

The 2023 survey of acorn abundance on select Ohio wildlife areas shows an average of 40% of white oaks and 54% of red oaks bore fruit.

The 2023 Ohio index was 2.8 poults per hen, above the 10-year average of 2.7 poults per hen.

Pheasant releases will begin Oct. 21 during Ohio's youth small game hunting season.

The ODNR Division of Wildlife, in cooperation with the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club and Muskies, Inc., released 2,370 muskellunge in Piedmont Lake.