Tuesday, February 20, 2024
A Wrangler’s Reckless Writings

A Wrangler’s Reckless Writings


A poem about rural living and country folk by Bryce Angell.
brown wooden house near green trees during daytime

Bryce Angell recalls the chaos, fear and quick thinking that followed the onset of a chimney fire at his home in his most recent poem.

Bryce Angell shares the tale of a horse named Indie in his most recent poem.
Chocolate Layer Cake

Bryce Angell crafts a clever poem about his grandfather's love of chocolate cake.
snowy pasture

Bryce Angell recalls a January storm that left him snowed in.
sunset, cowboy

Bryce Angell considers hair trends among cowboys in this week's poem.
cattle in the snow

Bryce Angell takes readers back to a story Grandma Angell told him many years ago about the winter of 1931.
sunset on a farm

A poem about what it means to be "just a farmer" by Bryce Angell.

A poem by Bryce Angell about a horse named Homer, who took him for the ride of his life.
camping tent

Bryce Angell's camping debacle turned out to be one of the better Friday night dates with his wife.