Thursday, December 8, 2022

One of the most difficult obstacles facing George Washington's first administration was that of guaranteeing the loyalty of the West to the Union.
mount rushmore

Hugh Earnhart digs into the history of Mount Rushmore. Learn how the idea began, the faces were chosen and the work was completed.

Discontent grew in the South until southern states began seceding and eventually formed the Confederacy to oppose the Union army in the American Civil War.

Planes, ships and tanks got the most attention, but thousands of other items were no less impressive. Learn more about American manufacturers' role in WWII.
historical image of a reaper

Find out how Cyrus H. McCormick developed the reaper and revolutionized grain farming in the 1800s.

Hugh Earnhart offers an inside look at British trade policy during the 17th century and explores how the Colonies fit into things.
French flag

The overriding issue during John Adams' presidency was the question of peace with France. Find out how the second president of the U.S. kept the peace.
Plymouth rock

The Plymouth colony was never large, but it played a significant role in pointing other dissenters the way to the New World.
route 66

Learn more about Route 66's history, unique construction, impact on pop culture and legacy, as well as, how it was phased out over time.
apple tree

“Johnny Appleseed” entered the pages of American folklore as one of our most popular heroes. This nature boy with the pasteboard hat was named John Chapman.