Sunday, December 15, 2019
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation

Soil and Water goals headline

"Healthy Soil and Pure Water" are the goals of the Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District, and of every soil and water conservation district in Ohio.
Fencing livestock out of streams

All farmers should try to prevent soil loss. It doesn't take long before topsoil is compromised and your ability to produce top-yielding crops is hampered.

Implement a more environmentally conscientious lawn care regimen and become a better steward of your land. Use these simple tips to get started.

Stuart Heavilin examines goal-setting for the new year and urges farmers to allow the best information to drive the way they run their operations.

Farmers need to be aware of best practices for manure. Learn more about ideas and assistance to keep your valuable nutrients in place.

While we are all huddled down, surviving the cold, with little else to do, other than work and keep livestock warm and dry, start setting goals for 2019.

The CAUV is a differential real estate tax assessment program that lets farmland owners have their parcels taxed according to its value in agriculture.

Most people don’t even need a straw. We have lips. But if you do need or prefer a straw, you can choose biodegradable paper ones.
aerial farmland

Many people are interested in protecting their farmland, forestland or some mix in-between. Here are some steps to consider land easements.

The Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District has been housing a baby hellbender since Aug. 24, 2017. Learn more about its progress over the last year.