Hazard A Guess – Week of Feb. 8, 2001


Hello from Hazard!

We had a nice chat with Steve Lenart of Streetsboro, Ohio, who has solved the mystery surrounding Item No. 612. If you’ll remember from previous weeks, we had received a guess, but since no one really knew what it was, we gave it another whirl to see if anyone could confirm or refute that guess.

Well, Lenart says without a doubt, Item No. 612 is an electric tire stud sorter. And since he used to own a tire shop – and has studded many a tire, including those on the vehicle he currently drives – we’ll defer to his expert opinion.

The device usually sat on a stand about 6 feet tall. Studs are fed into the hopper at the top and as they travel down, they fall into place and then drop into a hose (which Lenart says is missing from the lower left-hand projection in our photo). The hose is connected to an air-operated stud gun.

Small wonder no one knew what it was – I think that item is a first for Hazard.

Thanks, Steve, for your help!

This week’s item is another mystery item, sent in by Dorothy Fels of Pittsburgh. She says it’s made of brass and the tube is glass. What do you think it was attached to?

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