Men may as well be color blind


Forget hunting versus gathering, beauty versus brawn, and he Tarzan, she Jane. No, the real difference between men and women is as plain as black and white. Or maybe gray. Whatever shade, one thing is certain: the big difference is paint.
Color. Paint color is one of the fundamental differences between men and women. Men, if left to their own devices, would paint everything either beige, blue, or whatever color was on sale the day they wandered into a paint store and decided, on a whim, to paint something.
Women, on the other hand, see paint color as an important decision that shouldn’t be done lightly or hastily. Women can make a second career out of selecting just the perfect shade of paint.
“I want something earthy, but absolutely not beige. I hate beige. We need a color that represents earth,” I said to the paint salesman at the paint department of the home warehouse.
I want something golden and warm, but not too golden or too yellow. More of a buff but it has to be dark, but not too dark, and kind of tan, but not a brown tan, more of a golden tan

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