Time (and cellular minutes) is money


Apparently, a 50-percent divorce rate isn’t high enough for the cellular telephone industry. No, they’ve given otherwise loving couples yet one more thing to squabble over: shared minutes.
Plan. Mr. Wonderful and I share pillows, parenting, bad dogs and good cats between us and do so with equanimity and love, if I do say so myself.
Shared cellular minutes, however, could be the reason we cry uncle and say “Can this relationship – or at the very least our bank balance – be saved?”
In theory, shared minutes or “family” plans sound great. Who wouldn’t want to get extra minutes and a second cellular phone number for one low-low price?
And yet, once you get past the advertisements showing happy families


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Warm, witty and just a wee bit warped, Kymberly Foster Seabolt is a native of Kent, Ohio, who survived childhood exposure to disco and grew up to marry and move to the country. Her column weaves her special brand of humor with poignant, entertaining, and honest portrayals of parenting, marriage, and real life. She currently lives in northeastern Ohio with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats, and numerous dust bunnies who wish to remain nameless.