3 ways to elevate your farm marketing in 2019

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Better marketing makes more sales, boosts revenue, and increases farm income. The following are three ways to elevate your farm marketing in the new year.


Mobile-friendly website
Forty percent of e-commerce transactions came from mobile devices in 2018, according to a report by Statista. The number of sales made on smartphones is expected to grow an additional 14 percent by 2021.¹ Even if your farm doesn’t currently sell products online, the rapid growth of mobile e-commerce offers a valuable insight: modern consumers use mobile devices to research, locate and buy. Farms that lack mobile-friendly websites will be left in the digital dust.

Tips to make your website mobile-friendly:

  1. View your website on multiple mobile devices (phone, netbook, tablet), at various times of the day. Does the website load quickly? Are orientation and size visually appealing on each device?
  2. Are graphics and pictures distorted? Most mobile devices have high-definition screens that require high-resolution images.
  3. Is text legible? If not, consider replacing script styles with simple, clean typeset. Use 16 pt or larger. Contrasting font color, dark on light or light on dark, makes text pop.
  4. Buttons should be large enough for mobile users to press without zooming in.


More video
Small businesses that utilize video grow 49 percent faster than those that don’t. Aberdeen reports videos result in a 27 percent higher email click-through rate, and a 34 percent higher website conversion rate. ²

Video marketing tips:

  1. Some website hosting services let you upload, store and embed videos in the back-end of your website. Others allow you to embed YouTube video code. View the video from a mobile device after uploading to ensure users have a seamless viewing experience.
  2. Upload videos to YouTube and share to Facebook and Instagram with social sharing icons.
  3. Facebook and Instagram’s Live function broadcasts video in real-time. Live videos allow you to instantly communicate with fans and followers. They offer a window into the world of your farm and form a deeper and more personal connection with your customers.
  4. People prefer short videos. You have about 90 seconds to capture attention, convey a marketing message, and call customers to action.


Professional marketing materials
Professional looking marketing materials build your brand by creating awareness of your farm, products, and services. Business cards, signage, and brochures can reach new customers or spark repeat business from existing customers. Social posts, online ads, and infographics deliver your marketing message to customers online.

You can utilize free marketing material templates from Office Depot and online companies like www.Vistaprint.com to design your own professional-looking materials. Alternatively, you can hire a freelance professional to do the work. www.Freelancer.com and www.99designs.com are reputable places to find design help.

Tips to create professional marketing materials:

  1. Farmers are business professionals. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a professional looking business card is worth at least a hundred dollars to design and print. I offer business cards to potential customers, businesses, and organizations. When it comes to business cards give freely. Even if the recipient doesn’t purchase your product or services, they might give your card to someone who does. A customer once told me they found my business card at a bowling alley!
  2. A professional brochure provides background about your farm, production practices, and other information relevant to buyers. Pictures of products with concise product descriptions are a must. The brochure should tell customers where and how to purchase your farm’s products and services.


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