Sunday, January 17, 2021
Frank Burkett, Adam Sharp

In an effort to diversify its revenue stream, Ohio Farm Bureau recently purchased the ag newspaper Ohio’s Country Journal and radio network Ohio Ag Net.
A bowl of food with rice, vegetables and protein.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans Dec. 29. These guidelines will be the basis for national health objectives, food assistance and meal programs and nutrition education efforts until the next edition of the guidelines comes out in 2025.
A woman stands in a greenhouse holding a baby.

This year has been a mixed bag for farmers. A global pandemic brought challenges with processing and logistics, in addition to health concerns. That same pandemic shifted focus back to local food, as larger systems struggled. It’s been a year of adapting, adjusting plans and solving problems on the fly. Some have struggled. Others have seen their businesses boom.
winter bird

Birds and bird watching opportunities flourish during the winter on Ohio Division of Wildlife properties.
FFA logo

Catch up on local FFA news from Waterford FFA and West Holmes FFA.
fish fossils

Gov. Mike DeWine signed Ohio Senate Bill No. 123 into law, officially designating the fossil fish species Dunkleosteus terrelli as the fossil fish of Ohio.
closeup of horse grazing

The online equine courses planned for the spring semester at Ohio State ATI in Wooster, Ohio, are horse health and disease and horse breeding and selection.
William and Marsha Cable

The Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District presented its 2020 Conservation Cooperator of the Year Award to William and Marsha Cable.
Script Ohio in soybeans

The research and student parts have been separate in the past, but changes are afoot to unify the campus, starting with a name change to CFAES Wooster.
men standing in new free stall barn

The launch of the Creamery at Pleasant Lane Farms in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, can’t be told without talking about the pandemic.