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On hot summer days, the pulsing drone of dog day cicadas reminds us that outside temperatures flirt with 90 degrees. It's also fair warning to be on the lookout for a monstrous insect, the cicada killer.


For a brief time, between late March and mid-May, the West Virginia white flutters throughout woodlands across areas of the northeastern United States.

Cassell Angus Farm has been home to Angus cattle for more than 50 years. 


I spent most of my life saying, vehemently, I wasn’t a dog person. That has changed, and I have livestock guardian dogs to thank. One, in particular, actually. His name is Houdini, and he was the first livestock guardian dog I trained.

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DEERFIELD, Ohio -- Looking back, it may seem surprising to some that the history of Deerfield Farms Service, Inc. dates back to 1959, when...


There's plenty of ways to prepare a turkey for your Thanksgiving Day meal. Some families deep fry turkeys, some brine their turkey over night, while others simply cover the turkey in herbs and butter and roast it in a pan for several hours.

USDA will offer soybean producers the opportunity to request a referendum on the Soybean Promotion and Research Order.
Autumn Pierwsza

Autumn Pierwsza took down an 8-point buck near West Deer, Pennsylvania on Sept. 19, 2020.
Holstein dairy cows

One to two scholarships will be awarded to Columbiana County dairy industry family members attending an institution of higher learning.

COLUMBUS - High costs associated with fuel and nitrogen fertilizer and the alleviation of fears of a soybean rust epidemic are driving U.


Ohio Farm Bureau members are digging in for more livestock care battles. "Do not underestimate what you have accomplished," OFBF Exec. Vice President Jack Fisher told the members during the Dec. 2-4 annual meeting, "but, likewise, do not underestimate the job ahead."