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This Delaware County grain farmer is an advocate for his industry — on his farm and across the country.

A study calculated that Americans put a total value of $92 billion per year on our national parks, monuments, seashores and recreation areas.

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It is fairly well established that one should never discuss politics or religion in polite company. I think, however, that a third category of...


Back in the day we shunned PDA. No, not personal digital assistant - that's so 21st century. PDA was Public Display of Affection, i.

Antique columnist Roy Booth writes about the numerous rebuilt evidences and records of forts in Ohio and western Pennsylvania that tell a story of the settlers who sought protection from hostiles a century and a half ago.
be on flower

In an effort to protect pollinators, the U.S. Environmental Protection agency has developed new pesticide labels that prohibit use of some neonicotinoid pesticide products where bees are present.

People are insufferable. Oh, not taken singularly, of course. One-on-one people are lovely. It's when they go plural you have problems. If there are any two things that can ruin just about any good time it is "people" and "they."

A 26-year effort in research, sketching and carving ended in the translation of the Christmas story into a 12-foot totem pole of yellow cedar.


During the Pennsylvania Holstein Convention, Vincent and Juliet Wagner and Melvin G. Peifer were inducted into the hall of fame.
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