Saturday, August 17, 2019
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If you are among the many who struggle to learn bird songs, start with those species that actually identify themselves; they say their own names.

When it comes to dealing with a bear, discretion seems the better part of stubbornness.

For farm dogs, some visitors are welcomed, and others are game.

Drive slowly on back roads at night to see a steady parade of frogs, toads and even Efts.

The groundhog is famous for one day in February, a nuisance most of the rest.

A squirrel meets its end with an electric utility pole on Kym Seabolt's property.

The new South Stark Career Academy FFA program and animal science class explores wild and exotic animals.

In the spring, small amphibians like frogs, toads and salamanders migrate to vernal pools to breed.

A walk in the woods after dark during a gentle rain in March is an easy way to find and observe these breeding frogs and salamaders. All that's required is a flashlight and waterproof boots.

Vernal pools are much more than mud holes in the woods. They are thriving communities of aquatic organisms perfectly adapted to these specialized ephemeral habitats.
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