Saturday, February 13, 2016
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group conference speakers

Early spring is the perfect time of year for farmers and other agricultural professionals to attend conferences, education and networking events.
Hazard a Guess for Feb. 4, 2016

What do you think this week's item is? Leave a comment with your best guess.
cookie cutter

New report, Turning the Tide, examines the current process of measuring a student’s level of intelligence when it comes to the college admission application.
Lake Erie

Walleye fishing comes down to the right bait, and the mood of the fish you're pursuing.
silverware on table

It seems, somehow, that people used to be more satisfied with far less.

Using the correct signature when doing business with FSA can save time and prevent a delay in program benefits.
orange breasted bird on pine branch in snow

Birds battle the cold weather by eating during the day, burning the calories later on.
mantel decorations

A little redecorating works wonders at the Seabolt home.
cuts of pork

It’s more likely, however, that the apocalypse will arrive in something far less breathtaking than a 757 and far more mundane like, say, a Land Grant University extension bulletin.

How do you truly determine if a species is invasive or not? Many would be surprised at how many species found in Ohio today are not actually native. So are they invasive or what?
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