Monday, June 1, 2020
bald eagle

For two professional photographers, Bob DeMay, of Green, and Tim Adams, of Coshocton, taking photos of bald eagles is not just a great hobby.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Probably the most revolutionary of all the New Deal undertakings was the Social Security Act. Find out how it was created, amended and finally passed.

Alan Guebert has ideas as to how the government can better help farmers and consumers, starting with an alternative to Sonny Perdue's "Harvest Box" idea.

Marlin Clark shares an update on the grain markets for the week of May 11, 2020.
LGD and sheep

Tarma Shena shares about her journey with herding dogs and LGDs. The key? Expect better, from them both.
face mask

Rebecca Miller gauges how seriously rural folks are taking the pandemic by the number of face masks she sees at farm supply and feed stores. There are few.
farmers market

Alan Guebert ponders the problems in the current agricultural landscape and considers the idea of buying local as a potential solution.

A small investment in a current soil test can make all the difference for accurate fertilizer rates, as well as increased forage or crop production.
Bald eagle feeding chick

Bald eagle populations all over the United States have been growing. Learn more about the programs and changes that contributed to their recovery.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt voices her opinion on recent reports of Asian giant hornets in the United States and massasauga rattlesnakes in Ohio.