Thursday, June 21, 2018

On average, a cow that experiences mastitis will have increased days to first service, days open, services per conception, and pregnancy loss.

Lower cattle prices will not bring lower retail meat prices because meatpackers are really in the market power business, according to Alan Guebert.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt has moved into the realm of calling her "bargain" hot tube a "Demon Spa." Read on for continued hijinx.
flooded field

Some farmers are frustrated and complaining that they just have not had good field-drying weather. Then, there are those that got flooded. A planting update.
Capitol dome, Washington D.C., Farm and Dairy file photo

After last week’s farm bill belly flop in the House of Representatives, how do you think its members will be remembered by farmers, ranchers and historians?

Although Kymberly Foster Seabolt had no intentions of getting a hot tub, the hot tub came looking for her anyway.

If you haven't considered composting manure in the past this process may be easier than you think and could benefit your farm in more ways than one.
farmhouse window

Judith Sutherland recalls her parents' modest beginnings with respect and fondness.

The decision to sell cows or exit farming is never easy. Use these tips to ease the process.

Learn more about Erica McAlister, author of the recent book, The Secret Life of Flies (2017, Firefly Books, $29.95).
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