Sunday, February 14, 2016
Woo-Wee Wolf Whistle auto horn ad 1948

Ever wonder why every automobile comes equipped with a horn?
harvesting and pouring corn

In northeast Ohio, farmers are mostly standing on the carpet in front of the Farm Credit officer, trying to get the line of credit renewed, and trying to explain why they are still sitting on most of their corn and beans.
Kids on Christmas

Imperfect parenting is a reality, and sometimes the best.

Farmers and ranchers will continue to loose on farm policy matters that affect consumers because the consumer is always right.
Calf in hutch

A baby calf nursing for the first time . . . if everything’s going right, it might look a little peaceful. But no matter how serene it may seem on the outside, what’s happening inside is a fast and furious defense system.
bottle feeding lamb

I was stunned to see a wet, newborn lamb crying, stuck between two board fences.
houseplants collage

Although caring for indoor plants is similar to outdoor plants, houseplants require a few special considerations.

USDA provides several programs and opportunities to protect our land so that it will be here for future generations.

There are many fun things to do in winter, but remember to keep it safe.

Dr. Pol tells the real-life story of being a farm veterinarian.
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