Friday, December 1, 2023
ice cream

Judith Sutherland shares the stories of some memorable characters that are part of Jeromesville, Ohio's history.
rodeo horse

Bryce Angell writes a poem about his first and last time riding a rodeo horse.
hazy fields

Mark Petho's explains a naturally occurring phenomena of how wildfire ash in June caused soap to form on Ohio roads.
raised bed garden

When Eric Keller's daughter tells him she doesn't want to be a homesteader, he has an unexpected reaction.

Alan Guebert explains a GOP's proposal to reduce conservation, SNAP and rural development funding could affect the next Farm Bill.

Eliza Blue ponders letting go of things you can't control and how to appreciate the inevitable cold of winter.
Calf barn

Jason Hartschuh discusses ways to keep calves warm and free of disease during the winter.
cows on pasture , dairy, farm bill,

Dan Lima discusses how to use legumes effectively and what legumes to use for the best results.
combine harvester

Marlin Clark weighs in on the grain markets as harvest progresses.
brown wooden house near green trees during daytime

Bryce Angell recalls the chaos, fear and quick thinking that followed the onset of a chimney fire at his home in his most recent poem.