Saturday, June 10, 2023

Judith Sutherland's first big story, published in her local newspaper during her first year of high school, detailed the life of a determined woman clown.
flies on a cow

Flies can impact livestock performance by reducing weight gains, milk production and poor feed utilization. Learn how to control flies on your farm.

Home sewage treatment system maintenance and water conservation go hand in hand. Using less water protects your investment and the environment.

Bryce Angell shares his gratitude for his horse, Old Cyrus, in thoughtful poem.
ITEM NO. 1247

We've received some feedback on item Item No. 1246, but the new mystery tool we've received has us stumped. Brian Allman submitted Item No. 1247.

Julie Geiss' sons participated in an event called Young Eagles Flights, and gained a bird's eye view to large growths of weeds in Mosquito Lake.
cow and calf

While we cannot avoid mud completely on the farm, we can use best management practices to help reduce the impact of the mud.

USDA reports and continued fast planting by Midwest farmers are driving changes in the grain markets. Marlin Clark weighs in on the latest price changes.
bicycle in a field

Alan Guebert started out traveling by foot on the dairy farm of his youth, and after a crash or two on two wheels, it seems walking suits him best.
farmer shadow

Meeting as a family on a regular basis to discuss the present and future direction of your farm can be beneficial.