Saturday, October 22, 2016

The combination of a rain-delayed harvest and a surprising USDA Grain Stocks Report have put a hold on the low prices of the last few weeks.

Short and simple recipes for apple cider vinegar, apple butter and apple rings.
Editor Susan Crowell and family

Words to live by, from Editor Susan Crowell's father, Don Miller: “Somebody needs to do those things, so it might as well be me.”

Judith Sutherland recalls watching the Art Linkletter during simpler times.

Found on the Laura Ingall's farm, this item is a mystery to our reader, James Stewart. Can you help him discover its use?

Take the time to think about how we might be able to change to manage our impacts on the land.

Learn more about a once-in-a-lifetime auction of three collectable Remington firearms.

That time white vinegar failed to get the job done.

Learn more about Marketing Assistance Loans offered by local FSA offices.

Learn to maximize your grazing rotation between seasons.
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