Friday, December 8, 2023
classic car horn

Although we are used to the sound of warning signals on vehicles today, we weren't always. Same Moore shares the history and development of the car horn.
nuts and bolts

Sam Moore investigates potential reasons people may have once heard old-timers refer to the nuts that were used with bolts as burrs.
Ford Experimental Tractor

In his column this week, Sam Moore details Henry Ford's early years and the conception and development of the Fordson tractor.
Aultman Star engine 001

Sam Moore shares a column written by Bascom B. Clarke, the founder and editor of The American Thresherman magazine throughout most of its existence.
cattle pulling plow

Sam Moore reflects on the recent weather and recalls nasty weather patterns of the past — more specifically, Europe in 1879.
Deere-Clark car

Sam Moore shares a passage Elmer J. Baker Jr. (1889-1964), a longtime commentator on the farm implement scene, wrote of the short-lived Deere-Clark car.
farm wife milking a cow

Sam Moore shares a few of the letters farm women wrote to the editor of the August 1938 issue of The Farmer's Wife.
Newcomen steam engine

Learn more about the Newcomen engines, called "Fire Engines," which were used to pump water from British mines.
Edwards Tractor 1

The concept of a vehicle that carries, lays and then picks up its own tracks after passing over them has been around for centuries.
tractor with tracks

Charles Hay Martin was one of the many colorful men who built the automobile industry in this country, although he never became a household name.