Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Julie Geiss has been enjoying spring's offerings close to home, searching her woods for ramps and wildflowers.

Learn how to avoid coming into contact with invasive plant species while you're hiking and how to prevent spreading their seeds.

Julie Geiss and her husband visited Chagrin Falls to explore the South Chagrin Reservation.

Choosing the scenic route on their way back to Ohio from North Carolina, Julie Geiss and her daughter stopped to visit Linville Falls.

Julie Geiss and her oldest daughter recently visited Chimney Rock, located about 25 miles southeast of Asheville, North Carolina, to take in early spring.

For Presidents Day this year, Julie Geiss wanted to hike somewhere with ties to a president. She chose the quaint village of Garrettsville, Ohio.

Can you distinguish pine trees from spruce, fir, hemlock, yew and cypress trees? Each type of conifer has its own unique traits. Learn to identify them all.

The rock formations at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park make up one of the only exposed outcrops in northern Ohio. Learn how to safely hike there in winter.

Linking across eight states and stretching 4,800 miles, the North Country National Scenic Trail is the longest in the National Trails System.

Encompassing 127 acres, Claridon Woodlands has plenty of space for a variety of outside fun and forested areas bright with color in the fall.