Sunday, January 26, 2020

Another week, another mystery tool. Can you name how this antique was used? Hazard a guess and see if you are right!

This antique tool has stumped antique store staff, its owner, the person who sent it to us and even Google, Will it stump you too?

Can you give this tool a better name than "dohickey"? Help us solve the mystery of this antique item in this week's Hazard a Guess.

Keep your Hazard streak alive! This week's new item should keep you guessing for at least a little while. Can you name this spiky tool?

We can't stump you! You've solved four of the mystery tools, but can you tell us what this week's antique tool is? Can you keep the streak going?
Item No. 1139

Another mystery item has been revealed, just in time for us to start a new one. This week's tool comes from Baden, PA. Can you guess this mystery antique item's use?

Can you name this golden-hued antique tool?

Can you solve this week's mystery and name this antique tool? Hazard your guess in the comments!

One mystery solved and another one from our way back pile of antique tools to solve. Can you help Bernard Kenny figure out how this antique tool was used?

Will this 13-inch metal antique tool remain a mystery or do you know what it is? Hazard your guess in the comments!