Thursday, November 26, 2020

Can you solve this mystery antique tool from Randy Winland's collection? Leave us your comments below!

Can you explain how this unusual table was used? Is it an antique or not? Help us figure it out in this week's Hazard a Guess.

With three mystery tools identified, our Hazard-ous readers are on a roll! Can you help keep the streak alive?

This metal tool was found in a shed but its owner doesn't know what it is or how it was used. Can you help him figure out this Champion Tool?

While our last item kept you stumped, we hope you'll be able to help identify this antique metal tool.

You are on a roll! Two mysteries solved, can you keep the streak alive by identifying this mystery antique tool?
Antique pin about 6 inches long with a large rounded opening at the one end.

This antique pin magically appeared in the owner's junk drawer but he has no idea how it is used or what it is from. Can you help us unravel this mystery?

One mystery has been solved and new one has appeared. Can you name this antique item and tell us how it was used?
Hazard Item No. 1141 - Front

Can we stump our Hazard readers again? Will you be able to name and tell us how this antique wooden tool was used?

Each week Farm and Dairy challenges readers to identify a small tool or gadget (or at least 'hazard a guess' as to its use).