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The Farm and Dairy Ag College Guide is designed to help high school students and their parents find colleges and universities that offer agriculture and natural resource programs. On this page, you will find an interactive map of featured colleges, college graduate bios, tips and advice to help you find and apply for the right college, scholarship opportunities, and college listings.

Map of Colleges

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Prospective college students and their parents need to ensure that adequate insurance protection is in place for the upcoming school year.
Adena FFA

Vocational agriculture promotes pathways to careers in agriculture and provides young people with practical skills and work ethic necessary for employment.
Milk cows

Dairy Excel columnist Bonnie Ayers provides insight into what skills and qualities dairy industry employers are looking for in potential employees.

Be aware of your school's code of conduct and follow the rules. The consequences of violating them could leave you with student loan debt with no degree.

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College Listings

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