Sunday, January 26, 2020
Richard Bader, of Middletown, New York, picked up Item No. 1125 at a yard sale. It is 9 inches in diameter, 6 1/2 inches in height when closed and weighs 12 pounds. There is a lever on the side that you can move to any hole on the disk. The peg on top has a handle and moves back and forth.

Can you name this Hazard a Guess Tool Submission?
Metal plyer like item with a c-shaped piece on the end of one of the arms and curved pinchers that do not sit flat together.

With two tools identified, we have a new mystery tool from Monroe Harbage of Plain City, Ohio. Can you Hazard a Guess on how it was used?
Hazard No. 1123

These two mystery tools were found in a hay mow but not together. Can you help their owner figure out what they were used for?

You started off the year well! You figured our first tool out in no time at all, but this next one is a bit trickier, can you Hazard a Guess on what it is?

This 18" tall antique tool comes from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, Can you help us solve this mystery?

This weeks new mystery tool is a true mystery, even to its owner. Can you help identify it?

Our Hazard readers identified two mystery tools this week but one mystery still lingers. Can you solve it?

Hello from Hazard! We still haven’t heard anything on Item No. 1117.David and Kathleen Plyler, of Titusville, Pennsylvania, shared the photo of this item. They think...

Hello from Hazard! Several of you have identified Item No. 1116, which was an "unknown use" item for veteran Hazard reader Randy Winland, who submitted...

Hello from Hazard! We had one more correct answer come in on Item No. 1115, which we revealed last week were sheet metal crimping pliers. Richard...