Monday, May 16, 2022

You solved the pressing mystery tool from two weeks ago, but can you identify these two items from this week?

Can you identify this wooden antique from the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, OH?

On to our next mystery tool! You solved the previous item but can you identify this antique metal tool?

One mystery is solved, but two remain. Can you identify one or both of these antique tools?

Can you identify this antique store find? It's wooden and approximately 28 inches tall.
Item No. 1192

Found in the old engine room of their family farm, can you identify this week's new Hazard item?

Can you name this mysterious antique item that was found in the woods? Don't break the streak, take your stab at identifying it today.

One more Hazard mystery item has been identified and a new mystery item starts today. Leave us a comment if you can tell us what it is.

You are on a roll! Don't stop now! Help us identify this antique hand tool and keep your streak alive.

Your streak continues! You identified this electrical item, now can you identify this porcelain household item?